SimCam Alloy AI outdoor Home Security Camera with AI motion sensing, person detection, facial recognition, 1080 FHD and Night Vision, IP66 weatherproof

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Products Description

SimCam Alloy - A 24/7 virtual security guard

SimCam Alloy provides real-time active monitoring on your property with on-device AI vision and notifies you when you actually need to. It's like having a human guard continuously watching the live footage of the security camera for you.

Features of simcam alloy

Universal problems of today’s security cameras

simcam alloy without false alert

 Finally, a security camera without false alarms

Unlike the motion detection which can be triggered by everything, SimCam Alloy only alerts you and starts recording when it sees a person, a familiar face or finds an important object disappeared.

Person Detection

SimCam Alloy constantly identifies if a moving object is a person or not.

simcam alloy security camera detecting person

Facial Recognition

SimCam Alloy will match the person’s face with pre-registered database to determine his ID.

simcam alloy security camera recognizing face

Object Tracking

Select any object in the live view and SimCam Alloy will notice when the object is not in its original position.

simcam alloy camera object tracking

On-device AI makes home security more secure

simcam alloy security camera local storage

No monthly fee - Save more than $300

The full AI features and the entire video history are available without charging subscription fees. Users can store video in an inside SD card or sync to a local network attached storage.

simcam alloy security camera

simcam alloy camera protect your home 24/7

More Reliable - Never miss out an event

SimCam Alloy keeps analyzing every single frame and pixel of the live footage in real-time 24/7 using on-device AI vision. With massive data training, the AI vision is almost as accurate and sensitive as human vision.

simcam alloy security camera

simcam alloy camera intel inside

More Responsive - Never delay an alert

SimCam Alloy human recognition takes place within a fraction of a second, regardless of the Internet condition. It will prompt event recording and send out the alert as the event happen without delay.

simcam alloy security camera

simcam alloy protect your privacy

More Private - Local AI processing

Cloud cameras have become a popular portal for hackers. SimCam Alloy processes video locally on the device and keep your account safe with bank-level encryption. No one else can access your data.

simcam alloy security camera

Find the event footage faster

Gone are the days when you need to watch hours of empty footage or scroll hundreds of motion alerts. With SimCam Alloy's AI recording, you can locate the event footage in a minute by filtering device names, detection types, dates and thumbnails.

simcam alloy camera fast AI

One camera for many uses

simcam alloy security camera

More custom solutions for business

simcam alloy security camera

simcam alloy camera IP66 waterproof

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