Cell Phone UV Light Sanitizer And Universal Phone Charger

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Specially designed for smartphones.

UV and Ozone dual sterilization
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Item Code:ATN001

USB Charging Output:5V / 1A

Charging Power:5W

Input Voltage / Current:5V / 2A

Sanitizing Power:4W

UV Wavelength:185Nm

Product Size:200*127*70mm


Products Description

Kill 99.99% of germs &  E.coli in 10 minutes

3pcs UVC lamps sterilize phone, both front and back at the same time. UV lights kill most daily bacteria by destroying their DNA and RNA, including influenza , E Coli, etc..

 Sterilize every corner

3 UVC lamps with 185nm wavelength also generate ozone to clean the tiny gaps. UV & Ozone double function enables best sterilization effect.、


Universal phone charger

3-in-1 charging cable for iPhone Lightning, Micro USB, Type-C (USB C) all in 1. Universal smartphone charger dock with 5V output. You can charge while sanitizing, for most phones in market.

 Safe switch and material

Magnetic & gravity sensor switch, only start sanitize when phone is inside. The UV-resistant material cover prevents UV light leakage. Sound channels on bottom of cover. Sanitize and charge phone without missing any alarm, call or message.


Suitable for disinfecting and charging iPhone/Android phones shorter than 6.1 inches, including iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, LG, MI, Sony, etc. It also can disinfect smart watches, pens, jewelry, keys, mask, and other objects that can be placed in it.

IT is a tech gift with fashion looking. Good as a health tech gift for families and friends. It is also a nice décor, suitable for the office, study room, living room, and bedroom.


CE & FCC Certificate.


Q: What is your Minimum Order Quantity?  
A: For new customers, we accept test orders less than 1 pcs quantity.For large quantities, please contact  [email protected], and we will give you a more favorable price accordingly.

Q: How about the delivery time?  
A: According to your order. Generally, We will deliver the goods within 48 hours after you place an order.
Q: What is your mobile phone sterilizer warranty?  
A: 12 months for parts and labor against quality defects.

Q: Do you accept OEM or ODM?
A: Yes, of course, and we offer one-stop service for product design, mould design, mould manufacturing, injection, assembly and other aspects. 




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